Re: virus: Ego Tearing

Tadeusz Niwinski (
Tue, 25 Mar 1997 03:10:13 -0800

Dan wrote:
>At 01:21 PM 3/24/97 -0800, Tad wrote:
>>It looks like a locked-up ego crying for help.
>HELP!! LEMME OUTTA HERE!! -Bzzzzzzt- OW!!

Masturbating again, eh? From a person who made such a lengthy lecture on
ego tearing I expected some seriousness. I was wrong.

>>> I know this is unsatisfying. You'll have to file me in with Richard on this
>>>one, I guess (Although, to be fair, Richard seems to care enough to write a
>>>self-help book. I don't. I'd rather bear a child to help somebody. It's
>>It's OK.
>It's past OK (2 blocks north of self-delusion).
>>You see, it sounded to me, you had a lot of good advice on
>Heh. Let's face it, Tad: if you really believed that, you wouldn't be trying to
>prod me, would you?

Well, yes, I did believe you, and I was interested in what you had to say
about ego tearing. This *is* my main reason to write to this list: to find
out what other people want to offer. I do treat people seriously until they
prove me wrong. Sorry if I offended you.

>>I was interested *how* you do it, that's why I asked.
>And that's why I answered (believe it or not). Do you mean something's unclear?
>You'll have to be more specific.

I don't *have to* do anything. I am still interested *how* you do it. When
you advise to tear one's ego apart and then put it back together, it sounds
very impressive, but it's not very specific for a person who wants to try
it, is it? Do you sit down twice a day and think about all "bad" things you
did as a 13 year old, then you "kill" the memory, label it
"painful/personal" or what?

>>When it
>>comes to sharing the technique, you are not satisfied with what you say,
>>blame it on little Dan and compare the big Dan with Richard. Why are you
>>doing it?
>Doing "it"? Do you mean "Why attempt to share observations when the anticipated
>results might be unsatisfying?", or "Why am I being disingenuous in my self-
>You'll have to be more specific.

Let me try to explain what I said. In answer to my question *how* one can
tear one's ego apart you answered that you did not want to talk about
painful personal stuff. I did not expect you to bring painful personal
stuff -- I was expecting a technique or a method or /something/ I can try
too. Instead I heard about a "dead 13 year old" Dan. I did not understand
why you brought it up. Then you were comparing yourself to another person
who did accomplish something and you didn't. Again I did not understand
what it had to do with an ego-tearing technique I was trying to learn from
you. That's why I asked my "why".

>But in the mean-time, let me make a couple of observations:
>A: You're on a Brodie-Jihad.

What does it have to do with ego-tearing techniques? (Who is Jihad, btw?).

>B: The tone of your responses to my posts changed dramatically the instant
> I applauded Richard for a specific accomplishment.
>You seem to have a lot of emotional investment in the anti-Brodie meme.

I indeed invested quite a bit of money in publishing Richard's Virus of the
Mind in Polish. And in May I will be making quite a bit of money talking
about memetics in Poland. That looks like more a pro-Brodie meme.

I have no idea why you had to bring Richard to this ego-tearing thread and
now try to practice what /Harvard people/ call "pimp-psycology" (I love the
term with this special 'c' instead of the 'ch' :-))

>Sure, his replies are often curt and cryptic. So what? Ignore them. Sometimes
>he posts inanities as bait. Don't bite. Who cares? Beg off the thread and
>it. As long as you are truly content that you are getting something worthwhile
>out of the list itself, why even ask why he does it? You don't /really/ think
>he's /dangerous/, do you? How? Even if he is, do you honestly think that
>"exposing" him on some obscure little mailing list is going to irradicate the

Did you really think he was dangerous?

PS. Hug little Dan for me, please. He's so lonely. Tell him I love him.
(I'm serious, Dan, big boys do it too, it's OK, it's past OK..., ask Richard).

PS2. Since you responded right away I take you are not going to try the
sentence completion technique. Anybody knows other ego-tearing techniques
(except writing to this list, of course) which we can learn from each other?

Regards, Tadeusz (Tad) Niwinski from planet TeTa (604) 985-4159