Re: virus: Ego Tearing

Dan Plante (
Tue, 25 Mar 1997 17:40:36 -0800

At 03:10 AM 3/25/97 -0800, you wrote:
>Dan wrote:
>>At 01:21 PM 3/24/97 -0800, Tad wrote:
>>>It looks like a locked-up ego crying for help.
>>HELP!! LEMME OUTTA HERE!! -Bzzzzzzt- OW!!
>Masturbating again, eh? From a person who made such a lengthy lecture on
>ego tearing I expected some seriousness. I was wrong.

Where you went wrong was in assuming I was someone who would accept a lower
standard of social conduct in an email exchange.

I know what you're looking for, Tad. Let me make it easy for you:

I made it all up. I was just trolling for sympathy and praise. It was trite and
self-indulgent of me to even consider doing such a thing. You saw through it,
though. You saw what a phony I was. I'm sorry.

Having said that, unless someone else wants to contribute to this thread, I
see myself adding anything substantial to it.

initial conditions = data (conception)
control of data = information (conception to puberty)
control of information = knowledge (puberty to marriage)
control of knowledge = wisdom (marriage to divorce)