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Kirt A. Dankmyer -- aka Loki (
Tue, 25 Mar 1997 15:00:20 -0500

>Kirt--You seemed to be implying in your previous post that the memetic
>structures of Objectivism and Catholicism are essentially equivalent--that
>are both meme-complexes which filter out certain memes in order to protect
>existing memetic structure. Objectivism, like pancritical rationalism is a

Similar in that respect, yes. In all other respects, I chose them as a

>primacy of existence philosophy, which means that reality is not
determined by
>the contents of anyone's mind and no great effort should be made to
protect any
>part of a memetic structure that disagrees with reality. In objectivism,
as well
>as PCR, any position, including 'A is not A' can be considered.

But, eventually discarded, no? You don't accept all memes without question,
do you? In that case, you have a memetic immune system. You're judging
memes by some sort of criterion. I suspect that criterion has some relation
to Objectivism. Everyone has a memetic immune system, but they vary by mode
of thought. For example, I doubt you reject a meme simply because it
conflicts with the Bible.

>>I'm mildly curious as to which "big lie" I'm spin-doctoring here.
>The 'big lie' I'm referring to is egalitarianism--one ideology is as good as

That's odd, I thought I was just trying to avoid offending people. Call me
crazy, but I've always thought it was in my rational self-interest not to
cause any more trouble than needed (in this context) to get my point accross.
-Loki (spin-doctor)

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