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Kirt A. Dankmyer -- aka Loki (
Tue, 25 Mar 1997 14:40:20 -0500

>Anyway, what is the RPG experience out there?

Started with D&D, the red set with the Erol Otis cover (the dragon).

I've played an awful lot of systems and I own quite a few more. Nowadays,
I'm in a Vampire MET LARP (ask a Setite about the corrupting power of
certain memes), a Mage game (and Mage, for those not familiar with it, is
very much concerned with changing things due to thought -- the scientific
meme literally making itself true), a Changeling game (gotta have some
frivolous fun), and a Werewolf game (ditto). Too much World of Darkness,
IMHO, but that's all most people are interested in around here (North
Carolina). And, oh, yeah, and I'm an extensive Amber Play-by-Email game --
the GM is an interesting fellow. I think he knows the Four Principles.

To counterbalance this, I run a couple of non-WoD games I'm rather fond of
-- an Amber game (ah, court intrigue) and a Feng Shui game (nothing like
the escapism of a Hong Kong action flick). I'm also gearing up to run an In
Nomine game. Interesting In Nomine note: In the game, an angel or a demon
can be granted a Word, which is a pure concept in the angelic language.
Anchangels and Demon Princes have an important Word -- like War, Knowledge,
Lust or Creation. They're sentient embodiments of a concept -- a meme, in
the "perfect" angelic language of pure thought. (Ooooh, now I have an idea
to post to the In Nomine list -- The Angel of Memetics, the patron
celestial of the meme meme...)

Games (and game systems) that I like but I'm not playing currently include
Castle Falkenstein, Everway, GURPS, FUDGE, Toon, Teenagers From Outer Space
and Over The Edge. Over The Edge, in particular, contains some very _odd_

P.S. Eva plays a mean game of Toon. ;)

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