virus: Tony's guests & Brass eye

Tony Hindle (
Tue, 25 Mar 1997 01:40:01 +0000

Hello Im back.
I have not yet had time to read all threads but I will
after family visiting here.
For now though I have told two of my mates that they can
ask one question each, I know for a fact you lot have a collective
wisdom way beyond mine (Oh fuck here I go apealing to a higher
authority - mind you I still reckon I am the expert on my
subjective reality).

R. Leigh :Why does the individual place more importance on
it's own prosperity rather than the prosperity of a global
community of 5.5billion.

V. Maver.: Why is it that every time you feel like saying
something poignant, you censor yourself from saying it?

I (Tony) take full responsibility for typing errors.
I have promised my two friends that I will get print outs of all
this thread for both of them. Now R. Leigh has a second question.

R. Leigh q2) What is society doing, this is madness why
dont we stand up and call for sanity place value on

V. Maver q2) Where do the human race come from? why when
you pray does God always where a yellow shirt? what do you think
the human race are doing right now? motivations? aspirations Etc.

Ok. I am being told I must send this as it is, R. Leigh is
demanding one more question:

R. Leigh q3) If we are the result of darwinian evolution
where are we going.

Im going now before this goes on. Talk to you all in a few
days, after I've caught up.

Actually I have a question for Anyone who has seen brass
Eye, I have been told this evening that an article appeared in the
guardian saying there was currently a legal wrangle between Chris
Morris and Micheal Grade because on the last episode a single frame
subliminal message apeared (During the scene where Chris Morriss
was interviewing a hospitalised map of britain) which said

"Micheal grade is a motherfucker"

What are your thoughts (please indicate them before and after
you've checked out the story).

Tony Hindle.
I love you all sisters and brothers.