Re: virus: Tony's guests & Brass eye
Tue, 1 Apr 97 13:45:09 BST

Tony Hindle wrote:

> In message <>,
> writes
> >> Actually I have a question for Anyone who has seen brass
> >> Eye,
> >
> >Superb programme...
> Great taste Drakir.

I particularly like cake :)

> >> I have been told this evening that an article appeared in the
> >> guardian saying there was currently a legal wrangle between Chris
> >> Morris and Micheal Grade because on the last episode a single frame
> >> subliminal message apeared (During the scene where Chris Morriss
> >> was interviewing a hospitalised map of britain) which said
> >>
> >> "Micheal grade is a motherfucker"
> >>
> >> What are your thoughts (please indicate them before and after
> >> you've checked out the story).
> >
> >I spoke to another person who'd heard a similar story. A friend of
> >mine has it on video, so I'm going to take it home and run it through
> >the jog-shuttle to see if I can find the frame. I'll post the results
> >ASAP.
> Im waiting eagerly for that posting Drakir.

Sorry, I havn't had a chance, what with being utterly shitfaced for most
of the easter weekend. I heard another rumour from someone that the
offending episode never actually went on the air, but we shall see.