Re: virus: Tony's guests & Brass eye

Tony Hindle (
Wed, 2 Apr 1997 05:58:40 +0100

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> Im waiting eagerly for that posting Drakir.
>Sorry, I havn't had a chance, what with being utterly shitfaced for most
>of the easter weekend. I heard another rumour from someone that the
>offending episode never actually went on the air, but we shall see.
Ok here's my latest. The guy who told me the article definately
apeared in the Guardian has now retracted and says he only said "it was
in a reliable scource" Looking around I found it in a london magazine
called Time out. Also something on www said it had been printed in the
sunday sport (a comic).
Frankley I wouldnt be surprised if the story was another
invention of Morris' (Cake was my favorite episode too).
If you ever do look through that tape let me know what you find
but in the meantime I am crediting Chris with another fine example of
exapting the truth-independant replicating power of our newsmedia to
inform us of the truth-independant nature of itself. He gets my vote for
the memetic engineer of the year so far.
Tony Hindle.
intellectual property is theft (that's another one I stole from
Tony Allen.