Re: virus: Tony's guests & Brass eye
Wed, 26 Mar 97 09:37:45 GMT

Tony Hindle wrote:

> R. Leigh :Why does the individual place more importance on
> it's own prosperity rather than the prosperity of a global
> community of 5.5billion.

Natural instinct for survival, I would have thought, but I'm guessing.

> V. Maver.: Why is it that every time you feel like saying
> something poignant, you censor yourself from saying it?

I don't. But then, I never think of anything poignant to say, but when
I do, I say it :)

> R. Leigh q2) What is society doing,

Stagnating, my friend.

> this is madness why
> dont we stand up and call for sanity place value on

Who's to say what's sane and what's not?

> V. Maver q2) Where do the human race come from?

Erm ...

> why when
> you pray does God always where a yellow shirt?

Is this man on drugs? :)

> what do you think
> the human race are doing right now?

Working itself up to ending itself, at a guess.

> Actually I have a question for Anyone who has seen brass
> Eye,

Superb programme...

> I have been told this evening that an article appeared in the
> guardian saying there was currently a legal wrangle between Chris
> Morris and Micheal Grade because on the last episode a single frame
> subliminal message apeared (During the scene where Chris Morriss
> was interviewing a hospitalised map of britain) which said
> "Micheal grade is a motherfucker"
> What are your thoughts (please indicate them before and after
> you've checked out the story).

I spoke to another person who'd heard a similar story. A friend of
mine has it on video, so I'm going to take it home and run it through
the jog-shuttle to see if I can find the frame. I'll post the results

> I love you all sisters and brothers.

You can have 'em :)