Re: virus: Tony's guests & Brass eye

Drakir (
Fri, 04 Apr 1997 11:18:12 +0100

Tony Hindle wrote:
> In message <>, Drakir
> <> writes
> >That'd be cool (that word again). Whereabouts do you live/post from?
> >You may have guessed from my Email Address that I post from Gatwick, but
> >I live in a town about 3 miles from there, called Horley.
> I live in osterley near (3miles) Heathrow.

Freaky, both living 3 miles from a major international airport!
In fact, you're only about an hours drive from me (depending on the

> >"Guest slot on Virus"?
> Yes I think its such a good idea. I let them have only one
> question so they dont start ranting some pissed-up bollocks.

I always find that pissed people talk much better philosophy, whilst
stoned people talk much better surrealism.


"We are the New Breed,
We are the Future."