Re: virus: Four Principles Digest

Drakir (
Fri, 04 Apr 1997 10:41:57 +0100

Reed Konsler wrote:
> >From: Drakir <>
> >> They are still undocumented
> >Then surely they don't exist. Since the levels are conceptual things,
> >until you make them up, they are non-existant.
> "VoM: the new SCIENCE of the meme" --emphasis, mine.
> Richard has uncovered a true secret of the universe and is endevoring
> to find more. The words might not have existed before, nor the
> observations...but those levels exist just as surely as quantum levels
> exist for electrons to occupy.

As I understood the levels thing, they had to be defined, as to what
each level refered to. I can't remember what the definitions of each
level were, but level 3 was all about contradiciting memes in the same
memesphere or something, wasn't it?

Anyway, the point is, that the content of each level was defined by a
person, and thus until someone defines higher levels, they do not exist,



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