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>> Dave Pape wrote
>>>> >Someone, in the last couple of weeks, said that no meme cannot be broken
>>>> >down further. Do you agree? Surely there must be some fundamental level
>>>> >for a singular meme, otherwise, meme-complex and meme would be universally
>>>> >interchangeable.
>>>> Someone answer this, because it's been confusing me for ages as well... is
>>>> there an atomic meme? I'm kind of thinking no... but then I spin off into a
>>>> fractally recursive explanation wormhole.
>>>Seems pretty obvious to me: a neural pattern that causes a single-nerve
>>>stimulus to produce a single muscle contraction is the "atomic" meme,
>>>from which all others all built. Of course, it has to be an acquired
>>>pattern, not hard-wired.
>> Yes but there are random quantum threshold fluctuations at
>>all the synapses so we can never know the position and momentum of
>>a single nerve stimulus without an inherent uncertainty.
>> Seriously though, I think spinning off into a fractally
>>recursive explanation is a good way of putting it. I use meme-
>>complex to make explicit what I always mean implicitly when I use
>>the term meme.
>And I'm into the idea that everything we'd normally call a meme is in fact a
>fuzzy-edged ecological colony of idea things. Single nerve stimulus mapping
>to single muscle ending sounds massively unlikely to me... with the human
>nervous system being as complex as it is, I reckon the chances of any input
>neuron mapping neatly to any single output neuron are vanishingly small.
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