Re: virus: Open Mind and Emotions

Ken Pantheists (
Wed, 26 Mar 1997 00:01:28 -0700

David McFadzean wrote:
> > From: Tadeusz Niwinski <>
> > Date: Tuesday, March 25, 1997 2:54 PM
> >
> > Can anybody point out any differences between a concept of being controlled
> > by Memes or Spirits?
> I used this exact analogy when I first described memes to Ken Pantheists
> many years ago.

I remember that conversation Dave. I also remember me thinking memetics
was a pile of tripe that some scientist invented in order to keep up
with pomo and the newspeak of arts crit. (I've changed my mind a bit
since then)

I converted to the church of virus because, believing in *theatre*, not
necessarily spirits, (though the two are linked somewhat) I understood
that science was illustrating how one can similutaneously posess and be
posessed by an idea. Makes perfect sense of acting and many other
everyday behaviours.

> I wouldn't be surprised if it is possible to have a reasonable
> discussion with someone who believes in ghosts and demon possesion if you
> translate meme for spirit and vice versa.

I agree.

> Perhaps one major difference is that you aren't controlled by your memes
> because you are your memes. It is like saying your brain is controlled by your
> neurons (which is sort of true, but an odd way to look at it given the
> relation).

.....or that you are controlled by your character......

  Ken Pantheists