Re: virus: Four Principles Digest
Wed, 26 Mar 97 09:15:39 GMT

> From: Tadeusz Niwinski <>
> >
> >So? People are going to do that anyway. Why hasn't the Broadster himself
> >set up a runaway movement?
> He *is* setting it up.
> Introducing supremacy of Level-3ers on this list is an evident attempt.

Is it working? I have noticed that people seem to regard Brodie as some
kind of memetic leader! I don't find the same, myself, but then I've never
been involved in a thread with him for too long.

> > I mean, if every Politics student studying
> >Nat. Soc. set up a rogue Nazi party, we'd be fucked, wouldn't we?
> Right. If he really didn't want to spread the bad meme, he wouldn't mention
> it. If he mentions it -- and mentions it twice! (as the first time it
> didn't catch enough attention) -- it's likely that he has a purpose.

Of course, but now he's shut up about it, I think he's got what he wants.
We're talking about it, after all.