Re: virus: Memes and Modes

Dave Pape (
Wed, 26 Mar 1997 21:06:21 GMT

At 09:14 24/03/97 -0800, Tim wrote:

>On Sun, 23 Mar 1997, David McFadzean wrote:
>> Don't some modes automatically preclude
>> others? For instance, if I'm currently operating in mystic-mode (or
>> perhaps zen-mode), doesn't that preclude being in scientific mode at
>> that particular time?
>Not if you can do multi-tasking.
>-Prof. Tim

I'd guess that keeping a multi-mode mental narrative going is difficult; not
impossible, but if you were trying to keep two normally competing modes a
and b going at once, and you did it for 2x minutes, you'd get less output
than if you did x minutes' in mode a, then had a break, and then did x
minutes in mode b. Cos the memes associated with one mode will necessarily
put down the memes associated with the other mode.

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