Re: FW: virus: From the shadows

D. H. Rosdeitcher (
26 Mar 97 20:25:02 EST

Kirt wrote:

>You don't accept all memes without question,
>do you? In that case, you have a memetic immune system. You're judging
>memes by some sort of criterion. I suspect that criterion has some relation
>to Objectivism. Everyone has a memetic immune system, but they vary by mode
>of thought. For example, I doubt you reject a meme simply because it
>conflicts with the Bible.

You make a good point here, that there is an evaluation process going on,
whatever the belief system. But I think that there is a difference between an
evaluation based on closed-minded dogmatism and an evaluation based on
open-minded thinking. I'll make a hypothesis about what that difference is which
can be left open to criticism:
: The neurons in the brain of a dogmatic person are "communicating" with other
neurons in a very limited manner, and the neurons are making some type of closed
circuit which can go on indefinitely. The neurons of a person in an open minded
mode are communicating with other neurons in a constantly changing way that may
repeat for a while, but then change to a more complex mode and keep evolving due
to their adaptability.

>That's odd, I thought I was just trying to avoid offending people. Call me
>crazy, but I've always thought it was in my rational self-interest not to
>cause any more trouble than needed (in this context) to get my point accross.
> -Loki (spin-doctor)

I don't think it is in your rational self-interest to avoid offending people by
not challenging what might seem like their cherished beliefs. This is
"Darwinsville"! I say attack memes that seem unfit. Those unfit memes usually
create problems (ie. religious memes), but they can be poofed away under
critical examination.