Re: FW: virus: From the shadows

D. H. Rosdeitcher (
26 Mar 97 21:27:30 EST

I wrote:
>>The 'big lie' I'm referring to is egalitarianism--one ideology is as good

Robin wrote:
>egalitarianism - the doctrine that advocates equal political and social
>rights for all citizens. As such, egalitarianism is enshrined in the
>constitution. It does not mean that all people should be equal, but that
>they should all have equal opportunity.

The US constitution was founded on the ideology of people such as John Locke
and Thomas Paine who said that God, the creator, is on one level, and that all
men are naturally on another level below God. All men were said to be "created
equal" and should have equal rights, unlike back in Europe where the king had
special priviledges, as if on a higher level. The word 'egalitarianism' was
used to describe the way all people had equal rights.
'Egalitarianism', in the context that I used it, meant that all ideologies
are not of the same value. I am being an 'Aristocrat' which, in this context,
does not mean being part of a royal family or class, but making a judgement that
all ideologies are not created equal. Objectivism is an elitist ideology.