Re: virus: RPGs

InZect (
Thu, 27 Mar 1997 21:51:30 PST did scribe upon codex of Shub-InterNet:

>In a vain attempt to keep this discussion memetically oriented, I'll note
>that it was games like Aftermath and Rolemaster that engendered my dislike
>for mechanics-heavy RPGs.

Awww, heck, my favorite was Chivalry and Sorcery ... talk about a simulation
masquerading as a game! I could only get wargamers to play it.


>Why do some memes ("Charts are cool and useful")
>catch on with some people, and not with others?

And why did games suddenly mutate into diceless and collectable?

Or, even better, collectable dice games!

AShub, D&D boxed ...