Re: virus: ostention, repression, ignition, exhaust

Tony Hindle (
Fri, 28 Mar 1997 05:49:06 +0000

In message <Pine.SUN.3.93.970321125541.12400C->, Tim Rhodes <>
>I've been trying to start and spread this one (maybe you all can help me):
>"Coronel(sp) Sanders was a vegetarian. At the age of 63 his wife died
>from heart disease brought on by a diet of the Coronel's own Kentucy Fried
>Chicken. Shaken by the death of his wife and with a renewed interest in
>his own longevity the Coronel gave up eating all meat and began to
>campaign for a better, non-meat based diet for Americans. Unfortunately
>by this point he had sold controlling interest in K.F.C. and had signed
>papers during the sale that forbade him from doing anything that could be
>destructive to the interests of the current ownership of his Fried Chicken
>franchise. He died knowing that thousands of lives would be cut short
>because of his ignorance. And he died, a born again vegetarian."
The information showing the true nature of the health
hazards associated with the food has been leaked to a few people
but when ever they start making too much noise they are bought off
(usually around 50 000 $.) This is still a cost effective polocy
for KFC because if the truth got out it would make them go bust.

I reckon this adds a proselytizing incentive to the tale
Tim. I hope it helps it spread.

P.S. Sorry, I cant say anymore. I'm off to Barbados for a month
with 50 000$.

Tony Hindle.
Going to bed now. Talk tommorow.