Re: virus: God and Level-3

David Kennerly (
Sat, 29 Mar 1997 14:51:07 -0800

> > Sometimes one needs to believe one will achieve a goal in
> > order to increase one's chance of achieving it.
> > Suppose we consider 100 such goals (including some
> > impossible goals). If person A never attemps self delusion they
> > will achieve say 50 of the goals. Person B who succeeds in
> > believing that they will achieve all 100, goes on to achieve 60.
> > Doesnt person B presents an example of occaisions when it
> > is better to believe something that isnt true? If not why not?

David McF:
> What is the actual maximum number of goals A and B could
> achieve in reality? Maybe person C believes she can achieve 70
> and actually does achieve 70.

That makes sense to me, yet knowing what a person can and cannot achieve
depends on a LOT of information. I believe that a process of trial and
error will give feedback to the achiever of what is possible. It seems
best, when not having such experience, to give oneself a very high upper
boundary of possibility, since a too low boundary may be mistaken for a the
actual maximum that person in those circumstances may achieve.