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Tony Hindle (
Wed, 2 Apr 1997 07:50:48 +0100

In message <>, Tadeusz Niwinski
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>Bad/good behaviour was often associated with demons/angels. The same
>behaviour may be judged bad in one religion and good in another. It all
>depends on who is the judge. With demons it used to be the clergy. When
>we say "let's program ourselves with best possible memes" it's like saying
>"let's follow what angels tell us rather than listening to devils". The
>only problem is who those angels and devils work for. We tend to follow a
>priest if we believe he understands God better than we do. We tend to
>follow an authority in memetics in "programming ourselves with memes". The
>problem of what we consider "good" and what we consider "bad" is still the
>same. A "meme" is just a new name for the old problem. It's not a solution.
>If I say "angel" I will tend to turn to a priest for answers, if I say
>"meme" I will tend to listen to experts in memetics (and let them become my
>priests). I suggest we try replacing "memes" with "angels" and "devils"
>(just as an "Angelica de Meme" experiment) and see how it changes our
>perspective in each case.
Ok Tad or Richard Rosdeitcher or anyone I have declared my
belief in a higher authority. It is you. That includes everyone on this
list (and everyone else in the world whose mind I can ever get memes
from). This truth I hold to be self evident (until such times as I come
to believe I know better than the rest of the world put together.)
Collectively you represent my God I can pray to you, I can hear
you speak to me and I believe your power can intervene to change the
world. I am fully prepared to do what you can program me to do (actually
I dont exist except as editor of my mind). My goal at the moment is to
help make the world a better place (cos it makes me feel good of
Did you read my posting regarding V. o t M? (Murder, Fucking,
eating and quantum mechanics) and asking for your best refutation of my
interpretation which I sumarise here.
As I understand it ideas have power wether they are true or
false, wider awareness of the nature of this "truth-independant"
spreading process will reduce it and therefore increase the relative
proportion of "truth-dependant" memes that spread. People will move to
being more infected with the truth or self designed dilusions. The net
affect will be a better world.

May I remind you I am ready to run naked through buckinghham palace
screaming "I must eat the queen's pussy, Take control, learn memetics"
I have seen Micheal Fagin, I have got the mouthwash I am now only
awaiting the codeword from Richard and I will be off.

Tony Hindle.
Save me Sombody please.