Re: virus: Memetic ecology (was Tim re:God and Level-3)

Tony Hindle (
Wed, 2 Apr 1997 07:05:44 +0100

>Thanks Tim for some top brain-candy. I'll be dripping pools of
>strawberry-flavoured memetic saliva for days!
>>If we are
>>meme-ecologies, to what extent does changing our memes change that
>>ecology, and as a result the change the selection pressures within that
>It's a chaos thing: some initially small memetic changes will have large
>knock-on effects, but yer memecology will seem quite plastic and resilient
>to attack at other times.
I'd like to hear what consciuosness is in this memcology analogy
Dave. Is it the Gaia of our memcologies?
Tony Hindle.