RE: virus: Four Principles Digest

Wright, James 7929 (
Wed, 02 Apr 97 16:08:00 EST

James wrote:
>Imagine that a given meme-ecology, say the French body-politic (randomly

>chosen) needs innoculation against a virulent toxic-meme complex, say
>Nazism. How can you test a hopefully-benign strain of French National
>Socialism for efficacy? Do you later deliberately introduce virulent
>French National Socialism and observe for atrocities?
>The penalties for failure are enormous.
>Should we be trying to develop antibody memes for general application
>against widespread forms of antisocial behavior? What might such memes

>be, and what test protocol would demonstrate their efficacy? How do we

>locate a control group (uninfected) for comparison purposes?

Tad wrote:
>Who is "we"?
Anyone who wishes to participate. Or,
Anyone who wishes to actually contribute useful or communicative posts to
this mailing list.