RE: virus: Cults and religions

Thermokarst (
Wed, 2 Apr 1997 12:28:49 PST did scribe upon codex of Shub-InterNet:

>>I dunno, 'they' all went with $5.50 in their pockets ...
>>shades of coins on the eyes!
>Is this true???????????????????

So I've read. They called it 'pocket money' in case they needed
a taxi or a movie (what? They let foreign memes in?!! Maybe,
they had to 'phone home' for per-mission?)

>>I read that they died with armbands on that had "Heaven's Gate" above
>>and "Away Team" below.
>ha! more than just a purple shroud! I cannot just take this at word...
>please state your (higher) source

Groan! Deep in the stacks of media glut I'm supposed to find one
mention ... I'll re-skim this eve and copy low points.

And, speaking of low points!

These guys know a fropful meme when it hits 'em!

Yea, well, they tried ...