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Reed Konsler (
Thu, 3 Apr 1997 14:39:58 -0500 (EST)

>From: "D. H. Rosdeitcher" <>
>Date: 02 Apr 97 21:22:25 EST
>James wrote:
>>David R. considers objectivism to be a desirable meme-complex;
>>he advocates that objectivism will (eventually) conquer cyberspace.

>No, James. It can be demonstrated that objective ideas dominate cyberspace. For
>instance, Tad's observation that this list seems less mystical than before
>coincides with my impression that, unlike when I first came on CoV, I no longer
>have this feeling of fighting the current, as people no longer attack me or
>objectivism, except in an indirect, subtle way.


People have stopped attacking you because you have started talking about
reality and rational thinking instead of Objectivism. It seem "less
mystical" because
you are learning to accept other people's definitions as valid (at least
and looking at how to comminicate, instead of how to bash people over the head
with withering rhetoric. You have learned (like Richard B.) that endlessly
that your personal mind-structure is universally vaild doesn't convince
anyone of
anything, and started to concentrate more and more on the substance of your
Frankly, over the past few weeks I've really enjoyed them...and found more and
more I can agree with.

In short, by using less "Objectivist-structure" in your language, thinking,
and arguments
you are comming closer to the ideal expressed by Emerson, Rand, and countless

That's just what I think. Check the archives for my obstinate insistence
that everyone
define the word "belief" exactly my way when I joined the list and the
responses I
received/endured/grew through.


Reed Konsler