RE: virus: Angelica de Meme

Wright, James 7929 (
Thu, 03 Apr 97 14:39:00 EST

Tony Hindle wrote:
>>(the best existing telescope is not of sufficient power to see planets
in the >>Magellanic Cloud nebulas),<<
> How do you know they are there then?<

I do not know, you are perfectly correct; it is a statistical assumption
on my part, based on the 9+ planets in this star system, a few scattered
here and there with nearby stars that have been observed, and the
extrapolation that if there are many stars in the Magellanic Clouds, then
at least a few of them SHOULD, statistically speaking, have a planet
orbiting them.

>Sorry. I have a working definition of objective reality which suffices
>for this context I think. Objective reality is that part of the universe
>which via science can tune in different people's subjective reality.

The use of tune in puzzles me. Does objective reality vary based on the
perception of the subject? Or is objective reality manipulating the
observer through their subjective observation process? Feel free to
explain, please, since both sides of this question have already been
defended here, and you might be able to contribute a new perspective.

> Does anyone here know of any just reason why memetics and the
>public at large should not be joined in holy matrimony? If so speak

Regarding this list, would it constitute incest? (VBG!)