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Tony Hindle (
Fri, 4 Apr 1997 11:29:54 +0100

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>I read the thread between Martz and Alex, and did a fair
>job of understanding it then. After re-reading it, several
>other things fell into place. If signal distance is a place
>for error during inter-cranial communication, the same might
>be true for intra-cranial communication. The closer that
>the versions of mindspeak and speech being used are, the
>lower the chance for error. ?Si?
Si. I reckon talking things through with one's inner-voice helps
bring mindspeak and speech to a basin of attraction. (this is just
thinking about what one wants to say before sayoing it.)
Tony Hindle.
I see objective reality as the omnipresent radio station,
to which all creatures of the cosmos can Tune into, so we have
something in common that we can talk to one another about when we meet.
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