RE: virus: Four Principles Digest

Wright, James 7929 (
Fri, 04 Apr 97 07:54:00 EST

Jim Gadbois wrote:


>there is no "real" way to do what you propose, short of forming an
>artificial community specifacly for this research. and how does one
>(being no "we" to speak of) jump start a culture as rich and dynamic as
>modern western culture...

In another post, Tony advised that belief is necessary for success (or at
least, that was my interpretation). I responded that belief was necessary
for initial attempt (at least in some areas), but not for success - that
was dependent on other factors. You are advising a lack of belief of
feasibility, and that's fine. You do not see sufficient planning for
success, and do not intend to attempt.
In a regrettable example, the poetry and philosophy of Goethe, music of
Beethoven and Wagner, art of Durer and drama of Mozart did not impede or
prevent the rise of Naziism. The cultural contributions of Dostoyevsky,
Mussorgsky and Tolstoi did not prevent communism. I fail to see how
success in memetic engineering depends on overcoming culture - just
co-opt it to your own ends. Happens in advertising every day...
>memetics 'is' a theoretical science at least. On a personal level it
>'can be' a completely practical brain rewiring tool.
Depending on the depth of awareness of the recipient, memetics is at
least as effective as advertising - and may have the advantage that those
who are aware may sympathize, whereas those who are not aware may not
recognize it as a rewiring work. Very few have active sympathy for
advertising, while those who are aware of it tend to feel manipulated and
betrayed. Since memetics from CofV would (presumably) be benevolent, even
those who are aware of it would presumably be sympathetic to its aims,
and help spread the word.