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Fri, 04 Apr 97 13:28:00 EST

Jim Gadbois wrote:
<Snip backquote>
>indeed I see the point you make above. I was under the mistaken opinion
>(due to my lack of total concentration on the thread, this being a part-
>part- part time hobby of mine) that you ware discussing a scientific
>model towards a theory of memetics. <
Hmm... I guess Brodie got there first, so it's really his province to
discuss scientific models required towards a theory of memetics. I was
actually investigating (with Tony) the problems inherent in testing a
model meme, once constructed.
>memetics is a branch offshoot of proppoganda theory (imho) and
>advertising is the commercial equlivent of propaganda.<
Seems like a fair assessment to me; Brodie and Dennett appear to have
created a new school of thought in propaganda theory though. It appears
to have implications beyond propaganda as well.
Which is your favorite brand? (Beware, there are a lot of cogac-sippers
on the list!)