RE: virus: Agnosticism

Wright, James 7929 (
Fri, 04 Apr 97 13:36:00 EST

Jim Gadbois wrote:
>If you find my posts laboriously empty, you are welcome to say so much
>quickly! (VBG!) Or are you holding that every point made above shows all
>traits listed simultaneously? That would be a difficult demonstration.<
>>empty? no. labourous? hell yes! (this is not a jibe, stop being so
My apologies; I have little talent to reduce their length. Precise
language becomes lengthy, and imprecise language causes miscommunication,
new ideas to form by accident, and sharp-tongued replies! I'll be out of
the office again next week, so the list should attain some relief from my
endless posts for a while.
>I just don't have the time to digest this whole mailing
>list. and respond. Guess I'll just sit back and enjoy the ride!<
Please do not. Jump in when you feel the urge, so the rest of us can
benefit from your memes as well.
>and yes I do be "holding that every point made above shows all the
>listed simultaneously?"
>let me demonstrate this point with this interpritive dance...........
>...I think I made my point well with the final piruet, don't you?<
ROFL! You force me to contend the opposite with this silent
Consider yourself refuted! (VBG!)
[Doesn't this fit in well in a thread about agnosticism?]