Re: virus: Angelica de Meme

Corey A. Cook (
Fri, 04 Apr 97 16:26:30 CT

Tony's .sig file said:
> Memetics is the science of art.

I joked:
>Yep. But it could also be looked at as the science of
>pornography, or tasteless jokes.

Tony replied:
> Both of these are part of art in my conceptualisation. They shall
> remain so until such time as someone can explain to me why they
> are not.

"What is Truth?" Alternativly, what is art? I wasn't trying to put
you're .sig down when I made my little joke. I think that what I
was trying to say is that memetics is not necessarily holy. It is
a human creation, and as such will contain errors. The distinction
between art and tasteless jokes is non-existant, because they can
be the same thing. When you study your science of art, just be sure
that you keep in mind: "Sometimes, you're wrong."

Corey A. Cook

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