RE: virus: Angelica de Meme

Wright, James 7929 (
Mon, 07 Apr 97 09:44:00 EDT

Tad wrote:
>Sounds quite constructive to me. Here is my contribution. Let's clear
>(1) Do we all believe reality exists?<
No. I have no use for belief, except possibly in the sense of a temporary
expedient to allow action for progress. Belief amounts to faith, which I
feel to be the opposite of what CofV should be striving for.
On the other hand, I UNDERSTAND that reality exists, in the form of
constructs external to my own.
>(2) Do we believe we are conscious of this reality?<
I repeat the lack of need for belief.
I do not regard consciousness as universal or uniform, so I cannot agree
with all of us having the same consciousness.
Reality exists; we are only limitedly conscious of it, according to our
individual capacities.
>(3) Do we believe we are capable of learning about this reality?<
Capable, yes, according to our individual limitations. Agreement over
what we learn constitutes a major impediment to progress.