Re: virus: Prof. Tim's Question

Corey A. Cook (
Tue, 08 Apr 97 07:43:30 CT

I wrote:
> Without data to support me, I would say that the "this knowledge will make
> you richer" meme increases the linked meme's chances of infecting one
> person. However, if that person has the "knowledge is power" and "don't
> share power" meme's, ne will not spread the linked meme any farther.

Tim responed:
>A reasonable hypothesis, which I expect is true. Any ideas how to
>generate data that could support (or falsify) it? Anyone?

Perhaps some pamphlets with the words "This knowledge will make you richer"
on the front of them. Inside, the pamplets contain knowledge that makes
someone richer. After a few days, take a survey of the people that
got the pamphlet, and ask them if they told anyone else about the knowledge.
For a control, another set of pamphlets with a different title.
Problem: I can't think about anything that would make someone richer
that they don't know already.
Problem: since I am infected with the "knowledge is power" and "don't
share power" memes, I'm not likely to distribute the pamphlets in the
first place.

Still thinking about it.

Corey A. Cook