RE: virus: Yoda

Corey A. Cook (
Wed, 09 Apr 97 21:42:12 CT

James wrote:
>Corey wrote:
>>You've given more thought to what belief and faith are than I have. I
>>keep looking over your response, and although I agree with it, I can't
>>help but think that there is something off there. I can't put my finger
>>on it. Maybe I'll think of it later.<
>Fine, I can wait. While you're thinking, let me draw a picture of what Mu
>looks like!

It might just take that long! I still am not sure, but perhaps what
unsettled me about your response was that I got the impression that
you feel that belief is not only useless, it's harmful. I agree that
belief can be harmful, but it _can_ be helpful as well. You aren't
claiming the opposite, but I somehow got the idea that you were.
Preconceived notions, I guess.

Corey A. Cook

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