virus: Omnipresent Radio Station.

Tony Hindle (
Sun, 13 Apr 1997 17:16:13 +0100

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>>>> I see objective reality as the omnipresent radio station,
>>>>to which all creatures of the cosmos can Tune into, so we have
>>>>something in common that we can talk to one another about when we meet.
>>>> ...The Reverend C. Darwin.
>>>Not a bad metaphor. To carry it a ways; it's a shame the signal is so
>>>weak and our receivers so noisy.
>> Yes. Luckily there is always a decipherable component that gives
>>us exact instructions about how to improve our receivers. This recursive
>>process can continue forever (or until we decode the final level, 42)
>We're back to our fundamental disagreement again. We can only hope that
>the decipherable component exists and even then we may not break the
I see. So you reckon that it is faith on my part that a
decipherable component exists. Perhaps so. But the way I see it is that
when our minds reach the edge of understanding for a given field of
inquiry, they are able to postulate guesses and ways of testing them.
Science always trys to guess one of two mutually exclusive possibilities
and so the results of the testing will always move us further
foreward/upward by a finite amount.
Tony Hindle.
I looked up "infinite" in the dictionary, It said "see infinity".
(thats always the way, I can never get a straight answer from a dictionary)
So then I looked up "infinity", it said "see infinite".
....The Rev. C. Darwin.