Re: virus: What makes memes compete?

Dave Pape (
Sun, 13 Apr 1997 19:19:40 +0100 (BST)


>On Thu, 10 Apr 1997, Dave Pape <> wrote:
>>So here's another question: How many copies of a kind of meme do you host?
>>EG, I have memes like:
>>"Don't like dogs"
>>"Look at that crappy dog"
>>"Dogs piss me off"
>>"Dogs shit all over the fcken pavement"
>Aren't they all just different verbalisations of the same underlying
>meme? Or have you created a meta-meme (don't like dogs) to consolidate a
>number of smaller, interrelated memes?


I prefer the second version... although this perfect storage of lots of
similar memes sounds a bit discreetist to me...

The second alternative would fit with the idea of a genetic "family" as a
kind (meta-)group, an emergent thing that arises from the interaction of its

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