Re: virus: Sign memes & Chomsky

Corey A. Cook (
Tue, 15 Apr 97 18:53:17 CT

Well, after going over the old posts, the closest thing that
I have to my old model is:
Children do not 'instinctivly' know grammer rules. When forced
to create a new language, children also create new grammer rules.
If all languages have similarities (at a high enough abstraction)
it is because all cultures are linked, in one way or another.
Besides, since all languages try to describe the same universe,
they all are _basicly_ the same.

And I think that Tony's model is:
I reckon that all languages share a high order grammar that
is a reflection of the mental modules that exist in the common
innate substrate of the brain.

The diffence is that my model doesn't take into account the
'speech centers' of the brain. Very well:
The reason that all languages share a high order grammer is
1) All cultures are linked, somehow.
2) All languages attempt to describe the same Universe.
3) All languages (so far) have been constructed by brains
which were constructed by the same basic pattern.

>>I'm feeling very optimistic, today.
>Have we experienced reverberating hope?

Nah, my skull just melted the other day.

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