Re: virus: What makes memes compete?

Corey A. Cook (
Tue, 15 Apr 97 19:04:00 CT

Someone wrote:
>I believe it ought to be possible to reprogram ones brain
>to hold two contradictory beliefs without cognitive dissonace
>by mentally separating their domains of influence.

I think that I have found a use for this. I can, without
much trouble, visualize a three dimensional graph with the
variables x and y along the x and y axis', and t along the
time axis. If it is a simple graph, I can add the variable
along the z axis. Let us say that I had two such graphs,
as such:
Axis Graph 1 Graph 2
x x a
y y b
z z c
t t t
That is, both graphs move along the time axis at the same rate,
but the other three variables are different. By glancing at
first one graph, then the other, I am able to build a model which
combines both graphs. I cannot _percieve_ seven dimensions, but
I can _concieve_ such. In fact, the only limiting factor to
the number of dimensions that can be concieved is the speed of
switching between simplified models.

Corey A. Cook

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