Re: virus: What makes memes compete?

Tony Hindle (
Wed, 16 Apr 1997 12:26:24 +0100

>> I reckon that in order to not have cognitive dissonance one
>>would need to create a new meme which "explains to oneself" why it was
>>ok to hold two contradictory beliefs (e.g, "anything for a quiet life").
>>This new meme would mean that one wasnt really holding two contradictory
>>beliefs anymore.
>If the desired effect was to start with two conflicting memes, and end up
>with one of them expressible whilst the other wasn't booting off and getting
>arsey, then I think yes some actual positive cognitive strategy would be needed.

>But I do think people do this sort of shit all the time... f'rinstance
>there's some situations where I feel okay about swearing a lot, and some
>where I'd feel guilty just thinking about it... how does this square with
>the concepts flying around the thread at the moment?
Theres definately a connection. Swearing is a good example to
think about because it is something that people will often switch on and
off depending on their context. I do this. Yet I believe in my more
reflective times that the anti-swearing culture is an apparatus that
further disempowers the uneducated (if the only question that enters
your head is "what the fuck are you talking about" and you are not
allowed to ask it, how can you ever learn anything?). I know that as a
matter of principle I should always swear, I usually do but sometimes I
sell out and self-censor. At the self-censoring time a temporary new
rationalisation meme synthesises the "its good to always swear" meme and
the "I mustnt swear now" behavioural meme.
Yes, I am becoming more convinced that "contradictory" memes can
only be knowingly held without cognitive dissonance if a higher level
meme synthesises them. BTW after a period of self-censorship I always
feel I did it cos I am a coward.
Tony Hindle.
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