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Tue, 06 May 1997 07:05:40 -0500

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>Mark Hornberger wrote:
>>I don't think you can escape the use of your will. Just my opinion. I
>>know some Zen fans would say otherwise, but I think that's just a
>>sublimated or more subtle will, not an absence of one.
>What determines its direction?
Probably a combination of things. Life experiences, upbringing, religious
background (if any) etc... the normal things that are thought to go into
our 'personalities.' Genetics probably play a role as well, though what
the ratio is is of course open to debate. But I don't think that it's
either all random or all predestined; it's heavily influenced by our pasts
and backgrounds, but also acted upon by more random outside occurences
(random for us, though not perhaps for that actor, such as if we are struck
by a drunk driver. For us it was out of the blue, while for him.. well,
you get the idea). I know this is somewhat of a rambling response (most of
mine are), but presenting a concise answer would convey the idea that I
have a concise knowledge of the matter, which I don't.

Mark Hornberger