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David McFadzean (
Sat, 24 May 1997 13:16:52 -0600

> From: Eric Boyd <>
> Date: Friday, May 23, 1997 9:23 PM
> Just before I go on, I'd like to mention that I've been thinking a lot
> lately about religion and God and "The meaning of life" and have passed
> what I beleive is the first hurdle... I've decided that "to travel is
> better than to arrive" and this places me firmly against God and his

That reminds me of some thoughts I had on the topic of success,
namely that success is the *process* of achieving your goals, not,
as most people seem to think from the way they talk about it,
the act of achieving those goals. If I could somehow spread that
meme I think it would do a lot of good. Most people would suddenly
realize that they are already a success, instead of worrying about
how they are going to get there in the long run. Maybe not most
people. Sometimes it seems that most people haven't even formulated
their own goals, let alone figure out how to achieve them, let alone
actively work toward that end. Which is another reason why more
people should read Richard Brodie's books.

> cohorts. Of course, it also makes me realize that my journey has just
> begun and can never really end.

Unless, of course, you die... right? I mean, you're not implying life
after death, are you?

> With this in mind, I'd life to say that I've really been rather
> dissapointed with list... I joined hoping that there would be alot of
> talk about religious issues and "what" one should beleive (with, of
> course, the reasons "why") And all the talk has been about memetics!
> You've also talked alot about "the self," and how it relates to
> altruism, empathy and the superorganism (see, if you pound hard enough
> even forgetful people like me will remember!) Why?

You only had to bring it up. (Let this be a lesson to other lurkers :-)

> So back to religion. With my real spiritual journey just beginning, I
> have a very keen interest in anything that might be said about religious
> issues. I'd like to see anybody's answer to
> What is the meaning of life?

To answer that question you will first have to tell me what you mean
by "life". Whose life? All life in the universe? Life on Earth? Human
life? Your life in particular?

Once I know that much I will be able to apply the CoV definition
of "meaning" and enlightenment will soon follow!
David McFadzean
Memetic Engineer
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