virus: Religion

Eric Boyd (
Sun, 19 Oct 1997 23:13:48 -0400

Hi all;

Marie Foster <> wrote:

> My personal religious faith has to do with loyalty to the truth (even
> though I haven't totally sorted out what that is...). The second
> definition in WWWebster for religion is:
> "a personal set or institutionalized system of religious attitudes,
> beliefs, and practices"
> (Don't you hate it when they use a word to define itself?) But this
> the closest I can come to religion. Nor can I find any fault with

My religion course has said that no "true" definition of religion can
actually encompass all of the things religion is to people. In a sense,

what we have on earth is not "religion", but rather "religions"... there

is no archtype, just examples. It also mentions that in many cultures,
there is *not* a word corresponding to "religion." It is simply
untranslatable into that language.

That said, there are many interesting definitions proposed.

"Religion is what we live *for*" (meaning)
(I like this one)

"Religion has to do with life enhansement"
(soooooo broad!)

"Religion as society reacting to its own existence, a kind of inchoate
sociological awareness" (Durkheim)