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Eric Boyd (
Tue, 27 May 1997 20:55:44 -0500

tom.holz wrote:
> >The fallacy here is in the link to Christianity... god may not be
> >omnipotent, he may be both, but to a Christian, he /is/ omnipotent.
> >Any other stance on the issue makes you a non-Christian, as I see it.
> right. I'm agreeing with you for now, at least in part. According to
> Christians, the main distinguishing characteristic is Christ's death and
> resurection for our salvation. An omnipotent god is merely an Obvious
> Axiom, and not to be worried about. Traditional logic might dictate that
> the omnipotent god meme is one of the foundational base memes of
> christianity, but..... I... disagree*
> *It's very rare that I actually disagree with something. Usually I can get
> both sides of an argument and end up going "mmhmm, I see." I'm excited.

Don't dis that, eh? It's far better to understand both sides than to go
fundamental on only one side...

> Christians talking amongst themselves usually agree the key (not
> foundational) [1] meme of Christianity is 'humans are imperfect and need
> the sacrificial death and resurection' [2]. It seems possible to hold this
> memes dominant without necessarily believing in an omnipotent god, due to
> the aformalogical way out memespaces work. [you know, i enjoy the sound of
> aformalogical].

Now this makes sense. Except of course I disagree with "need the
sacrificial death and resurection" part... I just think that it's enough
to recgonize that we /are/ imperfect and do make mistakes. As long as
you forgive yourself, and those around you forgive you as well, who
needs more?

> [1] Internally I'm using an arch metaphor. Christians build arches with
> christ as the keystone and omnigod as the base. Jews build some other
> structure <warning: igorance apparent> with the same omnigod on the bottom.
> I'm trying to convey the difference between key and foundational---I can
> see them being confused on the surface.

I think I understand, although your explaination sucked (hehehe). Seems
to me a better way would be to call imperfection and absolution the arch
and "god is omnipotent" meerly a decoration on the arch. Christianity
is not as nice without it, but it still works... (hey John, have I got
this right?)

> Probably. Although with a good solid week or two of exposure in a
> well-engineered environment I can see the christian memeset taking over
> again, at least temporarily.

This is exactly why Churchs build schools.

> >Just so you don't think I'm totally antagonistic, I'll say that this is
> >exactly how I view the Bible. Merly a source of useful memes. Now if
> >it just wasn't so dense and hard to read...
> I prefer to think of it as maximum potiential meme density (MPMD). And
> don't worry about the antagonistic part.

That great! Now if only the acronym was easier to remember...

> warning big think smoking damage.



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