Re: virus: New Ideas

Eric Boyd (
Tue, 27 May 1997 20:56:16 -0500

Michael Hudson wrote:
> > Your make a lot of sense. I just find it strange that you still
> > visit traditional churches in search of wisdom.
> And thus, are we saying that the unwashed masses have nothing to
> say of benefit... even if its in the context of a religion that you may
> have serious problems with???
> In today's society, there is no community Institution of
> Philosophy where everbody can show up once a week and just chat or talk
> about what they think, what they believe, and how they live their lives
> accordingly. Except... in the church.

How about this mailing list? (or the entire 'net?)

> Your common day person is NOT going to have the time or means to
> go about reading millions of philosophy books trying to decide whether or
> not Christianity is right for them. However, they do have questions and
> problems which they need advice on. Not to mention, that they also have
> opinions that need voicing. And for most... the only accessible and
> acceptable place to do this is the church.
> It's a place where a group of people with common if not
> semi-common ideas and beliefs can get together and hash out some of these
> issues. Its at these institutes for instance, that people are talking and
> debating human rights, and how that fits in with their lives. And thus,
> many of our politicians who make our laws are here to... putting their two
> cents in.
> I understand what the offense to the church is. It's an act of
> detesting the specific religion that holds the framework for these
> discussions... not necessarily the discussions themselves. But is there a
> way to create an unbiased environment where there is no imposed framework
> from which the same kind of discussions can be had?? And if there is,
> would this place bring the everyday person to it???

I quoted all of that because I think it's worth repeating... go back,
read it again. Michael has a very good point here. Just where are
people to go if they have moral / ethical / spiritual problems? I've
run across this kind of talk before: that Christians have this huge
/helpful/ institution to attend and guide them, while atheists /
agnostics / (yourfaithhere) simply have nothing but themselves and their
friends and family. What to do?

I've talked about my own journey and my discovery that really
spirituality is all about "journeying" and finding what it is you /can/
(should?) beleive. The journey should, in my opinion, be personal; but
that does not mean one should be /completely without help/. One of the
things I think I will do with my life (gosh it's great being young!) is
start some kind of loose organizaion. That is, just after I finish
school, find a job, start a family, and live happily ever after...


Almost every man wastes part of his life attempting to display
qualities which he does not possess. -- Samuel Johnson