Re: virus: Religion

tom.holz (
Thu, 29 May 1997 19:09:30 -0400

Eric said:
>Hmmm... another thing to add to the list of things I want to check out.
>I've always been interested in the martial arts. Now if there was just
>10 more hours in each day...

Hey, I don't let stuff like work get in the way. I practice standing
around (something very hard to do correctly) a lot. I'm an engineer
now--and i knew Dilbert was funny/true, but my lord--I didn't know it was
so literal.

>I'm definatly going to have to go read the New Testimate again.
>Actually, I've now got a (digital) copy of the Jefferson Bible. Anybody
>know if it's any good?

Haven't heard about it.

>> I've been wearing memeticly-colored glasses this past week.
>Blood red? Actually, what this is a good idea... what colour should we
>link to memetics? It could possibly go on the ideohazard as a

I was going to go through every color in the rainbow and list good
aternatives, but I grew bored and idealess. This will be the last time I
watch Simpsons->The Tick->Simpsons in a row.

<to tired to write anything witty>, and will use my observations to propose
the beginning of the end of this thread--What do you think? About 4 more
messages where the replies slowly degrade into sillyness...

tv hurts.