Re: virus: Religion

Robin Faichney (
Mon, 26 May 1997 12:24:00 +0100

John Dry-Roasted Army Worm Williams wrote:
>Zen is Buddist. I think I got the idea from a branch of Hinduism. The
>concept was kind of a wild meme that hit me and I'm not real sure where
>came from, except the guy formulated God & people like this:
>"All of the Universe is God playing a game, and each person is part of
>It's just that some people have gotten so involved in the game that
>forgotten they are actually part of God. The wisest people are the
parts of
>God that remember what game he's playing."

Though Buddhism is at least non-theistic if not atheistic, I think
*in practice* this is quite compatable with it. Enlightenment is
becoming ultimately wise, one with the Universe, and if you like,
one with God. Except that some say were are already all these
things, in which case all we need to do is realise it. I don't think
there's really a significant difference between these positions.

Robin Faichney