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Eric Boyd (
Thu, 29 May 1997 12:46:32 -0500

tom.holz wrote:
> Though after a lifetime (a little more than 20 years in my case), being
> able to arbitrarily say "you wong. me right." is a refreshing change. On a
> side note, this is a skill I developed sometime in the last 2 months, and I
> link it directly to my interest in taichi, which I would not have been
> hooked on if it weren't for some random list person I remember saying
> "taichi--the martial art that takes 6 years to be any good at." Thanks to
> that someone. And on another note, a huge percentage of my mental
> resources are spent thinking about taichi--very interesting memetic
> analisys.

Hmmm... another thing to add to the list of things I want to check out.
I've always been interested in the martial arts. Now if there was just
10 more hours in each day...

> >Now this makes sense. Except of course I disagree with "need the
> >sacrificial death and resurection" part... I just think that it's enough
> >to recgonize that we /are/ imperfect and do make mistakes. As long as
> >you forgive yourself, and those around you forgive you as well, who
> >needs more?
> What do you think believing in Christ does? I could find heavily
> quoted/influencial scripture saying: "he forgives you. you forgive them.
> thats all you need to go directly to heaven ". This seems like the same
> thing you are saying (only through different eye-glasses)

I'm definatly going to have to go read the New Testimate again.
Actually, I've now got a (digital) copy of the Jefferson Bible. Anybody
know if it's any good?

> And why schools were built in the first place, if I recall correctly.
> Could this imply that certain Christian mindsets (those that built the
> schools, not ignorance-people) are the evolutionary ancestors to
> science-thinking?

Oh yes, very much.

> I've been wearing memeticly-colored glasses this past week.

Blood red? Actually, what this is a good idea... what colour should we
link to memetics? It could possibly go on the ideohazard as a

> >> I prefer to think of it as maximum potiential meme density (MPMD). And
> >> don't worry about the antagonistic part.
> >
> >That great! Now if only the acronym was easier to remember...
> hmm.. take out the repetitious M, and you get PMD, which is much easier to
> remember, and more versatile as well (!)

Potential Meme Density... sounds like some kind of way to judge a
medium... "and the potential meme density of television, with it's
colour pictorial display, is very much higher than the PMD of radio..."


"A man's life is interesting when he has failed: It's a sign that
he tried to surpass himself." -- George Clemenceau