Re: virus: Religion

Eric Boyd (
Thu, 29 May 1997 22:25:24 -0500

tom.holz wrote:
> Hey, I don't let stuff like work get in the way. I practice standing
> around (something very hard to do correctly) a lot. I'm an engineer
> now--and i knew Dilbert was funny/true, but my lord--I didn't know it was
> so literal.

I'm gonna be a Engineer just as soon as I graduate, too. Although I
must say my only experience with the actual work was not nice. I
co-oped for 273 hours in a small office doing just about nothing. Fix
this drawing. "computerize" this one. Make a drawing for this part.
blah blah blah. That's why I'm going to keep an active interest in
philosophy... it's good for the soul.

> <to tired to write anything witty>, and will use my observations to propose
> the beginning of the end of this thread--What do you think? About 4 more
> messages where the replies slowly degrade into sillyness...

Yea, I'm seeing the end of it too. And so begins the great search for
"new material"...

> tv hurts.

It's been years since I watched any significant amount of television.
Too boring. And besides, I have /much/ better things to do with my
time. Or result of this is that I am profoundly ignorant of all of
modern culture. Music, sports, movies, etc. I know very little.
Them's the breaks, eh?


Television, n. Box populi. Life support system for a consumer
Marx called religion "the opiate of the people"; television, as
under state-enforced monopoly, can only be described as "the people's
-- a brain-destroying drug administered through a glass tube. Soma for