Re: virus: Tabacco mind virus.

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Fri, 30 May 1997 05:58:19 +0100

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>At 20:56 27/05/97 -0500, Eric wrote:
>>Tony Hindle wrote:
>>> I wander about these people who 's job it is to memetically
>>> engineer our culture so that 120 000 britains per year dying isnt enough
>>> to deter the new smokers to replace them. Do they ever calculate how
>>> much they earn per life lost? If the killing was more direct would they
>>> still take the job?
>>> "Ok the job involves sitting at a people conveyor belt and
>>> shooting each one in the head, its 25 pence for every person you kill,
>>> do you have any questions?"
>>> ...Yes is smoking allowed on the production line?
>>I'm going to throw caution to the wind here and introduce the
>>fundamental (hehehe) premise of the Church of Euthanasia... that the
>>population of humans on Earth is far far too large. They advocate all
>>forms of voluntary death... suicide, euthanasia, abortion, etc. Simply
>>to reduce the overwelming population. In this light, the tobacco
>>industry does not look that bad... sure, it may not be /entirely/
>>voluntary, but then the Church says that they wouldn't interven even to
>>stop WW3. Oh, and by the way, last time I heard the Church was changing
>>it's name to "Order of Useless Vermin." Comments?
>In the spirit of Robin Faichney, all of these issues are neither good nor
>bad. Good and Bad are (post-moralists and Buddhists all together now)
>artificial constructs of the mind (well, actually, they neither are nor are
>not constructs)

Here are some thoughts,I just cant make my mind up if they are
good or bad, but now I know these terms are subjective I realise it
doesnt matter.
Tabacco smoking causes early deaths for many people. Some of
them are presumably very fucked off about this as their final agony
filled months roll on. Some of these people probably can see a higher
morality associated with deliberate and planned killing of a
spokesperson for tabbaco inc. This would be the beginning of a grass
roots movement to discourage people from telling murderous lies because
they are paid to do so. It would lead to a net saving of lives. If
however this plan didnt work and it was simply another pointless murder
of an innocent by some misguided soul, at least the excess population of
the planet would be reduced by 1.
Thinking about it, it might be more effective to murder the
person who holds the most shares in tabbacco inc. I'll leave the finer
subtleties of this decision to any self appointed killers that might
read this.

Tony Hindle.