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John \ (
Mon, 26 May 1997 09:49:38 -0400

Tony Hindle wrote:

>But his agenda/goal for humanity was otherwise
>entirely consistent with yours. Would you say that you shared his faith?

I woul say that his faith was not in conflict with mine; I might think that
defining God so definately and precisely might leave one open to
disappointment, and might indicate a tendency to attempt to declare in
exquisite detail what the Truth is. However, if he doesn't feel the need to
convince me of the validity of his formulation of God, then it doesn't
really matter if he thinks God lives in his left pinky.

> BTW I gather you dont believe in an intervening god...

Uhhh... sort of. My formulation of God is as a super-organism comprised of
the whole of, well, the whole. As such, that God is particularly active --
just bits of him don't know it.

This abstraction works for me. You are not required to believe it. (Indeed,
with this formulation, what could I threaten you with? Hell? I'm not likely
to send a bit of me to hell.)

John Williams
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