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Mon, 26 May 1997 09:55:52 -0400

Doh. There's more.

Hindle says:

> BTW I find this very ironic. From the theory that explains away
>the creator god (evolution by natural selection) comes the theory that
>predicts the existences of faiths (memetics).

Evolution does not explain away the Creator God, it just does away with the
watch-implies-watchmaker "proof" and reduces it to level of "argument."

>thus your faith is further evidence
>for the power of natural selection in a substrate neutral form.
> If you are new to memetics I wouldnt be surprised if when you
>think about it you will see what I mean shortly.

I'm fairly new to it, but I think I see where you're going...

> Let me try this aproach. The difference between science and
>faith is that science gradualy gives an ever more complex model of the

Yes; I like science for this reason.

>Faith gives an ever less complex model, what is your faith
>regarding god, its a very blurred vague statement I fancy.

That's why Faith is not a good process to use when explaining things better
handled by science, which is not most things, but merely many things.

See previous post for a statement concerning God.

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